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AIR MILES® reward miles:

General Information:

AIR MILES® offers are valid in NL, NS, PE and NB only. Kent base offer = 1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every $20 spent. AIR MILES® reward miles will not be awarded on all purchases; exclusions will apply. Purchase total is calculated after applicable exclusions, discounts, and before taxes. Bonus AIR MILES® will be awarded based upon Bonus AIR MILES® offers that are active on the order date. Exclusions include, but are not limited to purchases of Gift Cards, purchases on, purchases made on Kent in-house charge accounts and payments made on in-house charge accounts. Purchases made for Installation Services are eligible for 2 AIR MILES® reward miles for every $20 spent, but are not eligible for Bonus AIR MILES® offers, unless specified. Kent Card purchases are eligible for 1 AIR MILES® reward miles for every $20 spent and Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles, with the exception of deferred payment programs which are not eligible for AIR MILES® reward miles. Allow up to 120 days from the purchase date for AIR MILES® reward miles to be processed. The number of AIR MILES® reward miles awarded is rounded down to the next whole number; fractions of reward miles are not awarded. AIR MILES® Collector Card must be presented at time of payment.

Installation Services Purchases:

See AIR MILES® reward miles “General Information”. Earn 1 Bonus AIR MILES® reward mile in addition to the base reward mile for every $20.00 spent when you have your project supplied and installed by Kent; some exclusions apply. Products and labour purchased through Installation Services are not eligible to receive additional Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles, unless specified. Products and labour purchased through Installation Services using a Kent Card with deferred or equal monthly payment plans are not eligible to earn AIR MILES® reward miles.